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Our company is one of the drafting units of sintering machine flue gas desulfurization engineering technical specifications, with many engineering achievements and rich experience. Possessing advanced treatment technology for sintering machine head flue gas treatment, the technology has won the third prize of scientific and technological progress award of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Through continuous introduction of innovations, aiming at the ultra-low emission transformation of sintering machine flue gas, our company implemented SDA semi-dry desulfurization + GGH + SCR denitrification treatment technology on Tangshan Kaiheng Steel's sintering machine, and built CFB semi-dry in Tangshan Jingan Iron and Steel Method desulfurization + bag dust removal + GGH heating + medium and low temperature SCR denitrification project, is the industry's earlier company with both SDA and CFB semi-dry desulfurization project performance.

Make full use of the original wet desulfurization facilities of the sintering machine, rationally use resources and reduce investment costs. Our company has built a wet calcium desulfurization + wet electricity + condensation + GGH heating + medium and high temperature SCR denitration project on Shanxi Jianlong Steel Sintering Machine.

In order to realize the synergistic treatment of sintering machine flue gas and multiple pollutants and ultra-low emissions, our company cooperated with China Metallurgical Changtian, China Metallurgical North and TISCO to introduce integrated technology of activated carbon desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal. At present, it has the engineering application achievements of Hebei Puyang Iron and Steel, Hebei Jinding Heavy Industry Iron and Steel, and Anhui First Mine Dachang.