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Sodium-based Dry Desulfurization (SDS)

Technology Introduction

Sodium-based Dry Desulfurization (SDS)

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Technology Introduction:


Beijing Lideheng Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. introduced the Sodium-based dry desulfurization (SDS) from Solvay, Belgium, which is mainly used in waste incineration projects abroad. In view of the characteristics of flue gas in the domestic coking and gas boiler industry, Lideheng Company has carried out secondary development of SDS technology including a proprietary SDS reaction device and self-tracking powder control technology, and a special design in terms of anti-clogging.

At present, Lideheng Company has many engineering application achievements of SDS technology in the fields of coking and gas boilers, such as Coking Oven Flue Gas Treatment Project of Qian'an Jiujiang Coal Logistics Co.,Ltd and Gas Boiler Flue Gas Desulfurization Project of Shandong Xinhua Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. This technology can ensure that final flue gas emission of SO2 concentration ≤10mg/Nm3, and dust emission concentration ≤5mg/Nm3 from coking and gas boiler.


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