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Rotary Spray Semi-dry Desulfurization (SDA)

Technology Introduction

Rotary Spray Semi-dry Desulfurization (SDA)

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Technology Introduction:


Lideheng Company is one of the authorized users of GEA-Niro's SDA technology in mainland China, who introduced the application of technology in the field of coal-fired boilers and sintering flue gas treatment. SDA technology uses a high-speed rotating atomizer to atomize Ca(OH)2 slurry into droplets of 30-80μm which will contact with flue gas in the absorption tower in order to quickly absorb SO2, SO3, etc. At the same time, the droplets are evaporated and dried by flue gas powder. It has good adaptability to sintering machine, heating boiler and other working conditions with large load changes. In view of high concentration SO2 and low temperature sintering flue gas, Lideheng Company’s secondary development of SDA technology achieves high removal efficiency that SO2 removal efficiency can reach more than 98.8% and SO3, HCl and HF can be removed close to 100% in the absorption tower. 

At present, Lideheng Company already has many application achievements such as Tangshan Fengnan Kaiheng Iron&Steel Co.,Ltd, Baowu Group Echeng Iron and Steel Co. Ltd, Shanxi Xiangfen County Xinjinshan Special Steel Co.,Ltd, Minyuan Steel Group, Chifeng YuanlianUnited Steel Co.,Ltd, Hohhot Chengfa Jinqiao Heat Supply Co.,Ltd. 


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