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Circulating fluidized bed semi-dry desulfurization (CFB)

Technology Introduction

Circulating fluidized bed semi-dry desulfurization (CFB)

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Technology Introduction:


Beijing Lideheng introduced the circulating fluidized bed (CFB) dry desulfurization technology, which is mainly used in the field of coal-fired boilers and sintered flue gas treatment. CFB technology uses Ca(OH)2 produced by CaO digestion to continuously mix and turbulent with the flue gas in a fluidized bed (multi-tube venturi tower) to form a fluidized state. During the process, it chemically reacts with acid gas in the flue gas to realize the removal of SO2, SO3, HCl, HF, etc.

The characteristic of the process is that the relative velocity between the particles and flue gas in the fluidized bed is large. The desulfurization agent, desulfurization product and flue gas in the bed are mixed with each other that heat and mass transfer are very strong. During the process of turbulence and collision, the surface of Ca(OH)2 particles is continuously updated and reconstructed and multiple recirculation of desulfurization agent recycles, both of which increase the utilization rate of Ca(OH)2. The pipe expansion section of outlet of absorption tower is equipped with a water spray humidification device that desulfurization efficiency is significantly increased.

In addition to forming a fluidized state, the unique design of venturi tower creates an internal circulation in the tower. After the upwardly moving particles in the tower reach the top of tower, a large part of it flows downward extending the reaction contact time and enhancing mixing and turbulence. A flue gas circulation system is installed to cope with fluctuating flue gas volume caused by changes of production load. Rotary spray bag dust collector is utilized to collect by-product to cope with high dust content. 

By using this technology, SO2 removal efficiency can reach more than 99%; SO3, HCl, HF, etc. are removed in the absorption tower close to 100%. 



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