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Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Technology Introduction

Selective Non-catalytic Reduction (SCR)

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Technology Introduction:


Lideheng Company’s SCR flue gas denitrification technology is suitable for flue gas treatment in non-electric industries such as coking and sintering under high NOx emission concentration and low flue gas temperature condition. The company has tightly cooperated with well-known low-temperature catalyst manufacturers such as Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal GmbH, Haldor Topsoe, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and Zhejiang Hailiang and successfully applied catalysts with a wide reaction temperature window to the treatment of flue gas such as coking and sintering.  

The self-designed ammonia water evaporator is combined with the AIG pipe network ammonia spray grid and the strong blending static mixer to ensure that ammonia-flue gas mixing is more uniform. Ammonia injection control can adjust the injection amount of ammonia online according to the changes of flue gas volume and NOx concentration to ensure the efficiency of ammonia removal and achieve the effective use of ammonia and control of ammonia escape. Fluid simulation can assist the design of SCR denitrification reactor and flue gas pipe and make the system design more reasonable.

The application of this technology can ensure the flue gas denitrification efficiency of non-electric industries such as coking and sintering >90%, ammonia escape ≤3ppm, SO2/SO3 conversion rate <1. Meanwhile, it has the function of removing organic substances such as dioxins in flue gas.

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