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LOA Wet Oxidative Denitrification

Technology Introduction

LOA Wet Oxidative Denitrification

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Technology Introduction:


According to the characteristics of sintering and industrial boiler flue gas, Lideheng Company developed a new type of wet oxidative denitrification technology "LOA wet oxidative absorption combined desulfurization and denitrification process and complete equipment." This technology can be carried out at flue gas temperature under any working conditions. It is different from SCR or SNCR technology which has a window temperature requirement for flue gas that is suitable for the initial low flue gas concentration denitrification with low investment and operating cost.

This technology has been applied to more than 50 boiler and sintering machine denitrification projects including but not limited to Beijing Pinggu Lvdu Heating Co., Ltd., Xi'an Hi-and-New Tech Park Thermal Co.,Ltd., Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd , Xi 'an Thermoelectric Sunshine Heating Co., Ltd, and Tangshan Jianlong Jianzhou Steel Co.,Ltd.


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