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With the strong support of Lideheng, its Branch was established in 2017. Currently, there are 31 members of the Communist Party, of whom 93.55% hold college degree or above and the average age is around 30. It is a young, knowledgeable and professional team. The Party Branch adheres to the development concept of "Strong Party Building Strong Enterprise", and fully exerts the role of political core and political leader in the company management.


Under the guidance of Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, Party Branch of Lideheng closely integrates party building work into the company's R&D design, marketing development, production, operation, etc. The company implements the cross-services of members of the Party Branch and the enterprise in management. The Secretary of the Party Branch concurrently serves as the General Manager of the company, and the Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch concurrently serves as the Chairman of the company's Trade Union. The company's important decisions shall made through a joint meeting, and the Party Branch will mobilize party members to take the lead in the implementation in order to form a scientific working mechanism for party-group integration and business development.


Party Branch of Lideheng is a united and striving group. The Party Branch fully exerts its role as a battle bastion, and plays an essential role as a booster in order to train senior executives to become party members, train backbone staffs to party members and train party members to backbone staffs. In this way, the company has sped up in development and made many great achievements.


Attaching great importance to the construction of ideological and political culture, The Party Branch of Lideheng established Marxist Reading Club, Red Bookstore, regularly organizes themed party day activities, Marxist reading club activities, and the Red Entrepreneur Forum, which have raised the political theory of the employees.


Over the years, the company's management and party members have taken the lead to participate in many public benefit activities, such as social fundraising, activity of beautifying Mentougou District, love contribution to society by party members, voluntary blood donation, and afforestation activity.  Lideheng Company has already donated nearly RMB1,000,000 to various fields in the society and the work of poverty alleviation. In the targeted poverty alleviation work, Lideheng donated poverty alleviation funds of RMB10,000 to Mentougou Prince's Tomb Village and helped them to sell a large amount of farm products, donated a total of RMB300,000 poverty alleviation funds to Chenyang Village, Daliuhao Town, Chahar Right Back Banner, Inner Mongolia for three consecutive years. In addition, Lideheng Company’s Zhuolu production base has contributed to overall poverty alleviation in Zhuolu County by providing more than two hundred job vacancies for the local labor force.


Party Branch of Lideheng has successively won multiple honors, including Beijing Non-Public Party Construction Demonstration Unit, Beijing Advanced Party Organization in the Social Field, Shilong Industrial Committee's "Double Strengths and Six Goods" Enterprise, Advanced Learning Unit in Mentougou District, and Beijing Party Member Station Demonstration Site.




Featured Party Building; Red Entrepreneur Forum




Marxism Reading Club




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Theme Party Day





Targeted poverty alleviation






With the strong support of Lidecheng and its Party Branch, Lideheng Trade Union had carried out fruitful works and given full play to construct harmonious relationship between Lideheng Company and its employees by organizing employee activities, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees in accordance with the law:-


1. Safeguarding the legal rights and interests of its employees in accordance with law and convening regular employee congresses in order to enable its employees to participate in enterprise management. 

2. Organizing professional skills training every year, arranging Lideheng Company backbone staffs to participate in the study and further study with regards to the national qualification certification in order to improve employees' labor skills and professional technical design level.  At present, nearly 40 professional technicians and engineering technicians have obtained professional qualification certificates and more than 200 skilled workers have received trainings, thus greatly improving their professional working skills.

3. Establishing a staff bookstore and warm caring health station, organizing karaoke singing activities, organizing planting and picking activities at production base from time to time, etc., greatly enriching the employees' amateur cultural life and strengthening Lideheng Company's cohesion.  

4. Organizing labor competitions and technical reforms, donations to help employees in need as well as organizing voluntary blood donation activities.

5. Organizing employees to participate in the cultural and sports activities of the superior Trade Union with excellent results, organizing employees to participate in the Ankang Cup Competition organized by the Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions and winning the winning award, participating in the table tennis competition held by the Mentougou District and the Shilong Management Committee with achievement of group runner-up, participating in the singing activity held by the Shilong Management Committee with excellent results.



With the strong support of Lideheng and its Party Branch, Lideheng Trade Union played an important role and won many honors. The Trade Union won many honorary titles, including Beijing Advanced Unit for Building Harmonious Labor Relations, Beijing Municipal Non-public Ownership Enterprise's Comprehensive Evaluation of Social Responsibility for Participating in Social Governance Innovation, the Beijing Federation of Trade Unions Staff Bookstore, and Home of Federation of Trade Union Model Workers in Mentougou District.




Ankang Cup Acceptance of Beijing Municipal Federation of Trade Unions



Staff Walking Activity




Participation in Staff Writing Skills Training





Safety Training




Quality Engineering Post Training