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Target Market & Typical Cases

Coke Oven Flue Gas Treatment

In the field of coke oven flue gas treatment, Lideheng Company introduced and developed industrial application of "sodium-based dry .......

Sintering Machine Flue Gas Treatment 

Lideheng Company is one of the drafting units of sintering machine flue gas desulfurization engineering technical specifications, with many engineering achievements and rich experience...

Gas Boiler Flue Gas Treatment 

The low SO2 emission concentration of gas boilers in steel plants is quite suitable for the use of sodium-based dry desulfurization technology from the perspective of operating costs. 

Power Station Boiler and Industrial Boiler Flue Gas Treatment 

Lideheng Company has 15 years of experience in coal-fired boiler flue gas treatment, with many achievements, of which 5 projects are listed as the national.......

Smoke Control of Brick and Tile Industry

Lideheng Company is one of the drafting units of flue gas desulfurization technical specifications in the brick and tile industry, and has many years of .......

Heating Furnace and Hot Blast Stove Flue Gas Treatment

For iron and steel plants burning blast furnace gas, coke oven gas and converter gas and other cleaner energy heating furnaces and hot blast........

Coking Furnace Head Flue Gas And Other Environmental De-dusting

During the production of coke ovens in a coking plant, a large amount of dust will be emitted unorderly in machine side, tail coke, CDQ and ........

Dust Control of Sintering Head and Tail Flue Gas

At present, Lideheng Company has many project achievements including but not limited to HBIS, Xuanhua Steel, Tangshan Iron & Steel machine tail.......


De-dusting In Steel Mill

Iron oxide is main dust in the steel rolling workshop, with unstable exhaust gas emission and high water content, and equipment is frequently changed and.......

Flue Gas Treatment of Industrial Kilns such as Cement Kiln, Lime Kiln and Glass Kiln

The flue gas of cement kiln and lime kiln mainly exceeds NOx standard. Cement kilns have high NOx emissions. Generally, SNCR denitrification is used.